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We recommend you visit the for all the current Part D information. Several plans should be available for your area.


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Benefits included in all Medicare Supplemental Plans:

Part A Coinsurance Amounts for days 61 – 150 plus coverage 365 additional days after Medicare Part A benefits are exhausted.

Medical Expenses
Part B Coinsurance (generally 20% of Medicare Approved Expenses)

First three pints of blood each year

Specific Medicare Supplement plans offered include:

  • Medicare Supplement Plan A
  • Medicare Supplement Plan C
  • Medicare Supplement Plan F
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G
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Do you require pre-certification?

No, we do not require pre-certification.

Is there a group number for the policy?

There is no group number, because these are individual policies.

Do you receive claims electronically from Medicare?

Yes, we do!

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