Thank you for selecting the Old Surety Life lnsurance Company website for policyholder eligibility information.

Please Click Here To Verify Benefits of a Medicare Supplement Policyholder.

However, if you have software on your computer that returns eligibility and claim status from other insurance companies, then it should return the same type of information about Old Surety Life lnsurance Company policyholders.

Please ensure that your practice management software recognizes data from Change Healthcare. lf it does not, contact your software vendor and ask them to add Change Healthcare as an option.

EFT Enrollment

lf you want ERA'S (electronic EOB'S) and payment by EFT/ACH, please fill out the appropriate form located below and fax the entire PDF to Change Healthcare. We'll handle the rest from there.
Forms: (professional or institutional)

EOB Requests

If you are unable to get a copy of your EOB from Change Healthcare, you can send a written request to Old Surety by fax at (405) 524-4011. For us to be able to process your EOB request, you will need to include the following information: Policy number, date of service, billed amount, and your return fax number.


Pre-Certification is not required by Old Surety. The Company follows all Medicare guidelines.

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